Our Membership​

Join Our Membership Programme for Great Opportunities


This membership is for professionals who are twenty-one (21) years of age and above. They should be passionate about Data Science & Artificial Intelligence and will like to join to expand their capabilities, network with like-minded and better their career in DS & AI


Students who are pursuing full-time courses in an education institution. They are interested to network with professionals in DS and AI, to kick start their learning journey and career. A valid student matriculation card is needed for registration.


Company, registered in Singapore, that are looking to build AI capabilities to create positive impact to the market they serve and are looking for the necessary resources to build these capabilities.

Overseas Individual

Individual who is not resident in Singapore but has strong passion to overcome the distance, to learn and network with like-minded people.

Honorary Member

Individual who has made a significant contribution to the Association may, on the recommendation of the Committee and with their consent, be conferred Honorary Membership at a General Meeting.